SPC Greg Vanarsdel Gets a New Home

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SPC Greg Vanarsdel was deployed to Iraq in December of 2003, where he was severely injured when mortars rained down on the compound where he was working. The traumatic brain injury he suffered worsened, as a tumor began to grow around the site of the injury, threatening to blind or even kill SPC Vanarsdel.

Doctors believed an operation was too risky, but Vanarsdel nally found a doctor who thought he had a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. While the surgery did save both his eyesight and his life, it left SPC Vanarsdel 100% disabled. Because of his inability to work and support himself, this wounded Hero ended up homeless, forced to stay with friends or family.

SPC Vanarsdel’s daughter nominated her father for help from Soldier’s Wish. Through our partnership with Subway®, and the gift of avery generous anonymous donor, we were able to provide a three bedroom mobile home. Friends provided the land where he could locate his new home.

SPC Greg Vanarsdel said, “Soldier’s Wish hasn’t just given me a home — you have given me my family back!” 


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