SrA Casillas & SrA Durossette Receive Financial Support!

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Thanks to eighth grader Clayton Raush, Airman Sami Casillas and Airman Zackery Durossette received much-needed surprise help on Veterans Day.

Airman Sami Casillas’ family is expecting a child. But his wife has been in and out of the hospital for health reasons, creating a financial burden. “I’m excited beyond — just humbled. No words can explain just what’s going on in this season with my family.” After mass at St. Matthew School, Raush and Soldier’s Wish presented some much-needed baby items and a thousand dollar check to Casillas. 

Airman Zackery Durossette and his family also received help. He has four children, two boys and two girls, who needed help with buying winter clothes. They also received a two thousand dollar check. Durossette said, “It very much eases the burden. Not do we only have bills, but we also own a house in South Dakota for which we are still paying.  We didn’t know what we were going to do this Christmas.”

Clayton Rausch thanked Soldier’s Wish, saying, “It’s really personal because when my grandpa is a veteran you get to help them out.”

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